My Proficiency Notes 2018

Notes I made at the Nov. 29, 2018 meeting and more

PGM Jody Covey = How to introduce yourself in meetings:

Bob Mullens District 19 Chairman of ESTARL committee Bethlehem #169

ALL prompting comes only from the East (WP or WM)

Only ONE ritual may be open during a meeting

WM and Secretary need to be coordinating before the meeting.

I.E. don't invite the Sentinel in if he/she will need to leave like for balloting or draping the altar.

Warder and Sentinel, after Sentinel comes in the inner door must remain partially open.

Outer doors should be shut.

Chaplain and AM need to coordinate so they cross at the conductresses stations.

Silver Drill - Sentinel, Warder, AM, and AP all rise when Marshal turns corner.

Members who can not go to the altar to vote may be presented the ballot box in order
by the AC as she makes her way around the chapter room

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